August’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

We’re a few days into August now, but these stories are worth waiting for. It’s always a great feeling to welcome back authors who are already part of the EDF family, just as it’s exciting to get to know authors who are new to us. We hope you’ll enjoy reading these as much as we did.

For Readers

We’re still publishing stories on weekdays only, until we’re back to submissions-as-usual. Thank you for your patience.

Comments on stories are always welcome and much appreciated (if you’re new to EDF, please check out our commenting guidelines). Most of the time, our discussion is interesting, respectful, and friendly; every now and then, someone will post something a bit inflammatory or condescending — it’s the nature of the internet, and all that. When a commenter posts something you don’t like, you can a) engage them in friendly discussion about their point of view and why you disagree, or b) ignore them and engage others with on-point comments that focus on the story, effectively drowning out the problem. And if you see a comment that crosses our guidelines (e.g., name-calling, personal attacks, etc.), please report it to us so we can deal with it.

For Writers

Though we thought our submission system would be ready for general public access by now, we still have a few small things to work out, but our test author groups have been doing a great job finding the bugs for us, and we’ll be taking sign-ups for one more test group shortly through our Facebook Roundtable.

It’s a pleasure to be able to present our stories for August, wrapping up our ninth year of publication…

August’s Table of Contents

Aug 9 Patience Mackarness The Oldest Profession
Aug 10 Kathryn Trudeau Cup of Love
Aug 11 Jeremy Szal Killer Grandma
Aug 12 Alexandria Mansfield Circular Landscapes
Aug 15 Stephen V. Ramey How I Found My Way Here
Aug 16 Liz Colter A Man of Action
Aug 17 Steven Hicks Childish Things
Aug 18 Gustavo Bondoni In Sickness and in Health
Aug 19 Helen de Búrca The Chocolate Song
Aug 22 Tyler Young MPDB
Aug 23 Mandy Nicol Oh Susanna
Aug 24 Uriel Harper The Cage
Aug 25 Rebecca Birch Safe Word
Aug 26 Sarah Crysl Akhtar Primordia
Aug 29 Ken McGrath Wishing Well
Aug 30 Jason M. Harley Fingerprints
Aug 31 Lauren Triola Hole in the Wall
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