August’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

Are you enjoying your summer? Getting lots of beach reading in? We’re doing our best to keep you well-stocked with flash fiction, but if one new story a day isn’t enough for you, we bet you’ll find some treasures if you browse through our archives a bit…

After two and a half years as Podcast Manager at Every Day Fiction, Folly Blaine is moving on and up in her career as a highly regarded audiobook narrator and will no longer have time to volunteer her time with us. We are of course heartbroken to lose her, but it’s always great to see someone’s career moving forward (and if you’re looking for an audiobook narrator, everything you need to know is here). Thank you for all you’ve done for us, Folly, it’s been awesome! (On a related note, if anyone is interested in stepping up and taking over the podcasting department, please contact us — we’d love to have the podcasts continue…)

It’s hard to believe that we’re wrapping up our seventh year of daily flash fiction, but there it is. Happy summer, everyone, and don’t get sunburned!

For Readers

To mark the end of summer, we have a pair of stories for you on August 30th & 31st: “Wild Ride” by Amanda Linehan and “The Last Heirloom” by Jill Coursen.

If you’ve been waiting for What Came Before by Gay Degani to come out in paperback, it’s here! You can get it at Amazon or Barnes & Noble, or you can consult our complete list of retailers and editions. The flash-fiction-sized chapters are proving very popular with readers, and good reviews are rolling in — it’s worth checking out!

For Writers

Slush reader Jadah McCoy is moving on to other things, so we’d like to take a moment to thank her for her time with EDF and wish her well. This also means we have an opening for a new slush reader.

We’re still looking for stories for Labour Day, back-to-school, harvest, and an explanation as to why September always gets the ugliest picture in the calendar. We’re also ready for Halloween stories if you’re brave enough to even think about that in August.

And the stories you’ll be enjoying this coming month are…

August’s Table of Contents

Aug 1 Lisa Finch One Perfect Rose
Aug 2 Olivia Berrier The Truth Behind Letters
Aug 3 Frederick Everest Something Unspoken
Aug 4 Derek McMillan The Vicar’s Laptop
Aug 5 James Reinebold A Year of Cat Ownership
Aug 6 Frederick Doot Throw a Gem
Aug 7 Milo James Fowler Captain Bartholomew Quasar and the Bandits on Consortium Moon Prime
Aug 8 Kaleigh Castle-Maguire Sneakers
Aug 9 Ned Thompson The Ultimate Enlightenment
Aug 10 Bruce Harris Oh, the Humanity
Aug 11 Marisa Mangione The Goose with Zero Down
Aug 12 Wanda Kiernan The Visit
Aug 13 Gerald Warfield Pastorale No. 3: The Longboat Burial
Aug 14 Spencer German Ellsworth Talking Animals
Aug 15 Sue Babcock Avocado Empress
Aug 16 Lance J. Mushung Trial by Comedy
Aug 17 Kaylea Champion Angle Of Approach
Aug 18 Shelley Lerea Cheese
Aug 19 Robert Walton Last Date
Aug 20 Ramon Rozas III Canons of Professional Responsibility
Aug 21 Sylvia Hiven Syrek and the Curious Blessing
Aug 22 Patrick Perkins The Dog Shift
Aug 23 Linda M. Scott The Wreck
Aug 24 Walter Lawn Dads
Aug 25 Karl MacDermott The Something of Something
Aug 26 Mark Noce Disturbance at Apartment 408
Aug 27 Kyle Hemmings Spaghetti Western
Aug 28 Yegor Chekmarev Obsidian
Aug 29 Sarah Crysl Akhtar The Dybbuk Rosebush
Aug 30 Amanda Linehan Wild Ride
Aug 31 Jill Coursen The Last Heirloom
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