August’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

It’s always a little hard to believe that August is already upon us; time seems to fly by faster every year. For us, of course, August is the end of our year, currently bringing our sixth year to a close, which sometimes feels like forever in the world of online magazines.

Every year, our archives get richer with the treasure of stories from our past years. With the addition of tags to help readers find stories by topic or theme, we hope you’ve maybe clicked around and found some older stories to enjoy. You can also check out our list of author interviews, which has links to some of our most-read and most popular stories going back to our earliest days.

As always, we need your help to continue to thrive. One of the best things you can do to help us is spread the word — tell other readers and writers about EDF today, and help our community grow.

For Readers

August is a laid-back month. Most countries have some sort of bank holiday or statutory holiday, a long weekend, an extra day off, but nothing we were able to celebrate with stories. Still, we’ve got an excellent lineup of flash fiction from authors old and new from around the world, including some perennial EDF favourites. Happy reading!

For Writers

This month, we’re welcoming new slush reader Lara Dolphin, who will be starting with us on August 12th. We also anticipate some further changes in the lineup as September rolls around and commitments shift for some of our team members, so if you’ve ever thought about joining the EDF team as a volunteer slush reader, now would be a great time to see what’s involved and consider applying.

We need stories for Labour Day and back to school as soon as possible (deadline to be considered for September’s calendar is August 27th), and we’re also ready to look at stories for October starting right away (such as harvest, fall season, Canadian Thanksgiving, Samhain, Halloween, etc.).

But for now, it’s still summer, and here’s your reading list for the month ahead…

August’s Table of Contents

Aug 1 A. Cochrane Wheat
Aug 2 Matthew Harrison Side Pocket
Aug 3 Faisal Pakkali Everything Is Going To Be All Right
Aug 4 Sierra July Watch Your World Crumble Around You
Aug 5 Natalie Bowers A Legitimate Excuse
Aug 6 Beth Cato A Song Not Fully Sung
Aug 7 Rhys Timson Real Charity
Aug 8 D. Quentin Miller Top Ten List
Aug 9 Cat Rambo Three Wishes
Aug 10 Heather Morris Up The Hill
Aug 11 Katherine M Lansky Perfect
Aug 12 Milo James Fowler Captain Quasar and the Pestiferous…
Aug 13 Camille Griep Negative Amortization
Aug 14 Laura Beasley A Baker’s Dozen Loaves of Bread
Aug 15 V.F. Elliott Heavy Weather
Aug 16 Peter Hannah Questionable Motives
Aug 17 Rob Butler Here Today…
Aug 18 Dennis Milam Bensie Sunday Drive
Aug 19 Carl Steiger Quiet
Aug 20 Brandon Nolta Giuseppe’s Boughs
Aug 21 Sarah Crysl Akhtar Singularity of Attachment
Aug 22 Katrina Ray-Saulis Considering Fruit
Aug 23 Jesse Knifley David’s Test
Aug 24 Carl Steiger Portrait of a Young Man, with Vampire
Aug 25 Rohini Gupta Tonight the World Ends
Aug 26 Kenton K. Yee Aurora’s Sky
Aug 27 Melody Feldman The Indian
Aug 28 D. A. D’Amico Dee
Aug 29 Christina Dal Santo Punk-Ass Mattresses
Aug 30 Nik Perring Sex God
Aug 31 Lillian Duggan The Orchid
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