August’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

It’s hard to believe that we’re already into August — the final month of our fifth year of publication! Back in 2007, I don’t think Jordan Ellinger or Steven Smethurst or I particularly expected to still be going strong five years down the road… but here we are. We’re definitely going to be doing something for EDF’s 5th Birthday in September, so if you’re in or around Vancouver and want to celebrate with us, please let us know. Big hugs and best wishes to everyone who makes EDF what it is — all of you!

For Readers

You can now get EDF podcasts via iTunes! Thank you very much to Podcast Manager Folly Blaine, who worked very hard over the past month to sort out some issues that were preventing iTunes from picking up our podcast feed. Readers, if you haven’t yet tried listening to one of our weekly podcasted stories, why not get started by sampling some of the top-rated ones on our Top Stories page? (Just scroll down for the list of top podcasts.)

It’s great to see some names from EDF’s past years back in the Table of Contents this month, including Greta Igl, Gaius Coffey, Stephen V. Ramey, and more. We also have some current regulars and perennial favourites for you, including Sarah Crysl Akhtar and Christopher Owen, and of course as always some very welcome newcomers to Every Day Fiction. We’re particularly delighted to present a story by Nick Mamatas, whose latest book Bullettime will be released this month.

For Writers

Bring on your Labour Day and back-to-school stories now (until August 27th), and we’re already starting to look at Halloween/Samhain and Canadian Thanksgiving/Harvest Home stories too (until September 26th). Where did the summer go?

And now, a request: we know you always send us your best work, but we’re asking you to raise your game even higher and help us kick off Year Six with some really awesome stories. Especially if you’ve been part of our community over the past five years, and even if you’ve achieved all your goals with EDF and have set your sights on other markets, please consider coming back to our pages with something great so that we can start our next five years (see the optimism here!) with a bang.

And now, here it is, the last month of Year Five…

August’s Table of Contents

Aug 1 Olivia Kate Cerrone Leaving Teknaf
Aug 2 Sarah Crysl Akhtar Sweeping Up
Aug 3 Katie Pugh Metastatic Heartbreak
Aug 4 Lucinda Kempe All in A Morning’s Work
Aug 5 Jessica Thomas Cure for Every Disease
Aug 6 William Olmstead Hoodoo Watchdog
Aug 7 Greta Igl The Searing Sun
Aug 8 Richard Nicholson The Ferryman’s Wife
Aug 9 Gaius Coffey The Pinnacle of my Success
Aug 10 Stephen Skipp Llado
Aug 11 taran burns Helen’s Hands
Aug 12 Timothy Barrera The Cleaner
Aug 13 Elizabeth Beechwood Back to the Garden
Aug 14 Nick Mamatas No Business Like
Aug 15 Sean Jones About Value
Aug 16 Jennifer Ripley A Five-Minute Life
Aug 17 George Clack Nuts
Aug 18 Amin Nasr Transitions
Aug 19 D. A. D’Amico Fart Monkey and the Shoe
Aug 20 Christopher Owen Resignation
Aug 21 M.E. Garber I Promised You a Miracle
Aug 22 Stephen V. Ramey The Butcher’s Son
Aug 23 Ric Carter The Conventional Novelist
Aug 24 P. Djeli Clark Fantasy Pick
Aug 25 Sarah Salway Homegrown
Aug 26 Izzy David The Mrs. Rose Special
Aug 27 T. Donlon This is How to Die Properly
Aug 28 John Lander Golden Cab
Aug 29 Rebecca Roland Clothes Make the Man
Aug 30 Jennifer Spagnolo Finding Audrey
Aug 31 Alex Shvartsman Those Who Can’t Do
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