August’s Table of Contents

From the Editors

It’s hard to believe that this month will bring our fourth year of publication to a close. At the end of August, we’ll have published 1463 stories over 48 months, published 3 print anthologies and started work on our fourth, and brought our past-and-present staff count to 33 (with 15 people currently active).

For Readers

We hope you’ve enjoyed our stories over the past year, and we’ve done our best to close out the year this coming month on a strong note.

If you’re looking for something more to read, have you looked at our Top Stories page lately? Have a look back at the top ten stories of the past year, and see how many of them are also on our all-time top ten list, alongside stories that have held onto a top spot for more than a year (one of those is from 2008!). Will any of the stories coming up this month make it onto those lists?

On the subject of top stories, “Mistaken” by Sarah Evans was the top story for June 2011 at EDF — she was interviewed by Erin Kelly at Flash Fiction Chronicles in July.

Happy reading to all!

For Writers

We have some staff changes again this month: editorial assistant Shelley Dayton is moving on to other things and will be greatly missed, and we’re pleased to welcome new slush readers Kip Hanson and Laurel Fuller to our team.

And now, on to the stories…

August’s Table of Contents

Aug 1 Jennifer Foster Know Thyself
Aug 2 Andrew Waters One Way To Save a Farm
Aug 3 Gregor McGavin Going Nowhere
Aug 4 Michael Peralta Candyeyes
Aug 5 Jessica George Hungry Water
Aug 6 Daniel Vineberg True Love and Lousy Smoke Rings
Aug 7 Simon Kewin A Good Drying Day
Aug 8 – 14 server difficulties & migration; see explanation here
stories originally scheduled for these dates will be rescheduled into September’s calendar
Aug 15 Paul A. Freeman An Elizabethan Tale
Aug 16 Debbie Bennett Moira
Aug 17 Laura Davy The Guardians
Aug 18 Kevin Mathews Melon Heads
Aug 19 Douglas Campbell Fleur de Lis
Aug 20 Maria Deira Laundry
Aug 21 John Impey Divine Wind, Kami-Kaze
Aug 22 Sarah Goodwin A Three Way Division
Aug 23 Folly Blaine Eau de Public Transit
Aug 24 Linda Simoni-Wastila Poison Pill
Aug 25 Ranica Arrowsmith American Neighbor
Aug 26 Dale Ivan Smith Not So Invincible Overlord
Aug 27 Von Rupert To Grandfather’s House We Go
Aug 28 Ruth Schiffmann Meet Me at Woman Hollering Creek
Aug 29 Juliet Boyd The Rescue Plan
Aug 30 Jennifer R. Fierro Flowers for Clockwork Street
Aug 31 Brian Dolton A Loyalty Divided
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