August’s Table of Contents

From the Editors

It’s hard to believe that August is already upon us, and that this is the last table of contents for our third year of publication. On September 1st we will be celebrating our third birthday and launching into our fourth year.

I’d like to take this moment to remind our readers that free magazines don’t fund themselves — the advertising banners on the site bring in a small dribble of revenue, but that doesn’t cover our costs, even with the generosity of some of our authors who kindly donate their payments back to the magazine (you know who you are, and we thank you). So if you’ve enjoyed reading EDF thus far, please help us keep going. Donations of any amount at all are gratefully appreciated (there’s a “Make A Donation” button in the sidebar on your right). If you like to get something tangible for your money, book purchases are also helpful, or you could buy t-shirts and tote bags and stuff. And if you have something to promote, advertise with us — sponsor a story and reach thousands of readers, plus your link and blurb stay permanently with the story as long as our archives exist.

If you haven’t got a dime to spare for us, you can also help us grow in various other ways. We’ve come a long way in three years, but there’s a long way still left to go.

For Readers:

If you read EDF on your phone, you’ve probably already noticed that we’ve added a mobile-friendly version of the site. Most smartphones automatically identify the mobile version for you, but if you haven’t yet tried it, grab your phone and have a look at

On another topic, we’re running a bit low on podcasts, so if you’d like to have a try at being a voice actor, please have a look at our podcast submission guidelines and then select a story to read. Stories published in EDF after June 1, 2009 and that have not already been done by someone else are eligible.

In stories for this month, we’re pleased to have Jason Stout and Suzanne Warr returning to our virtual pages, among others, and we also have some authors making their EDF debuts, including Cat Rambo and Shane Oshetski. Finally, we’ll be closing out the year with a back-to-school story from Erin Ryan.

For Writers:

We’re ready for your Halloween stories, and while we’ve got a couple of things put aside for Fire Prevention week, we could use a couple more — is anyone up to the challenge of combining fire and humour? Fire and science fiction or fantasy?

And now, the stories for the month ahead…

August’s Table of Contents

Aug 1 Carol Ann Fears Existential Snare
Aug 2 Brother Greg Art Moron
Aug 3 Kit Lamont Seeds
Aug 4 Milo James Fowler Captain Quasar and the “If Only” Elixir of Opsanus Tau Prime
Aug 5 Trish Bowcock Confinement
Aug 6 Joshua Tate The Easy Target
Aug 7 Oonah V Joslin Moving Times
Aug 8 A. S. Andrews Wherein Fear of Karma Dawns Too Late
Aug 9 Cat Rambo The Investigation
Aug 10 Pam L. Wallace When Pigs Fly
Aug 11 Jason Stout Her Cousin
Aug 12 Ben Langdon Forget, To Live
Aug 13 Victorya Pepito and the Ferret
Aug 14 James Kidd Holes In The Walls
Aug 15 Peter C. Loftus Sword and Fish
Aug 16 Janel Gradowski Burning Love
Aug 17 Shane Oshetski Doll Parts
Aug 18 Maureen Wilkinson When Violets Bloom
Aug 19 Peter Tupper The Problem of Pain
Aug 20 AJ Smith Old Jim
Aug 21 Kate Larkindale In The Bedroom
Aug 22 Bernard S. Jansen People Need to Know
Aug 23 Tim Galati A Sunrise Enlightens
Aug 24 Douglas Campbell The Shock Of Cold Water
Aug 25 Suzanne Warr The Immortal Horse
Aug 26 Lynsey Miller Tuesday Afternoon
Aug 27 Robert J. Santa The Invisible Sword of Patterson Mitchell
Aug 28 Nicholas Ozment The Old Man Down the Road
Aug 29 Stephen V. Ramey Beauty and the Butler
Aug 30 Ed Buchanan The Weatherman
Aug 31 Erin Ryan Going through the Motions
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