August’s Table of Contents

From the Editors

Welcome to the final month of our second year of publication — yes, September 1st is our birthday, so August 31st concludes our second year of publication and wraps up eligibility for our 2009 anthology. We’ll be having a birthday party sometime in mid-September, so if you’re in or near Vancouver, Canada, watch our forums or our Facebook page for details.

There’s no surer sign of growth for a magazine than to have the staff expand beyond essential editorial and technical functions. We are excited to welcome Kevin Young of Young Media Company to handle our marketing and public relations needs. With Kevin’s talents on our side, be prepared to watch us grow!

For Readers:

As usual, we have stories from newcomers to EDF including Polenth Blake and Petra Michiko Gentleman. We also have some familiar names reappearing, such as Gustavo Bondoni and Erin M. Kinch, and a new story by Michael Ehart, author of the all-time top-ten-listed story “Without Napier“.

For Writers:

We’re pleased to announce that not one but two new slush readers have joined our team — Elissa Vann Struth and Joe Daniels. Check out their bios on our staff page.

In terms of seasonal fiction, Halloween is only two Tables of Contents away, so get your Halloween stories to us over the next couple of days to be sure of being read in time. We’re also interested in Thanksgiving pieces at this point, and you can start sending Christmas/Hanukkah/winter holiday pieces any time now too.

August’s Table of Contents

Aug 1 Morley Young Catching the Big One
Aug 2 Gustavo Bondoni Tweets
Aug 3 Megan McGee The Storyteller
Aug 4 Chuck Von Nordheim Three Human Words
Aug 5 Donald Avery The Language We Speak
Aug 6 Lia Molly Deromedi Mike
Aug 7 Grant Wamack Down Under
Aug 8 Sarah Ann Watts Rubies Are Red
Aug 9 C.L. Holland Gods of Concrete and Steel
Aug 10 Edward McDermott Shore Leave
Aug 11 Michael Ehart Jimmy Fourfingers
Aug 12 Valerie O’Riordan A House, A Home
Aug 13 Paul Abbamondi Hearts Will Never Be Practical
Aug 14 J.M. Cinq-Mars Cosmos
Aug 15 Mark Rossmore Day 483
Aug 16 Dave Macpherson 67 Mustang
Aug 17 Andrew E. Wheeler Gimme Some Skin
Aug 18 Patrick Parr How to Die Responsibly
Aug 19 Roger, Lord Zeck Pete
Aug 20 Polenth Blake Carousel Princess
Aug 21 Erin M. Kinch Frigid
Aug 22 Emily Josephine McPhillips Graduation
Aug 23 Rob Ganley Growing Pains
Aug 24 Bill Ward The Goon Eternal
Aug 25 Amy Corbin Sayvon
Aug 26 Oonah V Joslin True Colours
Aug 27 Beth Cato Nipped in the Bud
Aug 28 Petra Michiko Gentleman Thirsty
Aug 29 Nicholas Ozment Orange Dreamsicles and Belly Rings
Aug 30 Sarah Prentice Borrowed Words
Aug 31 Arthur Newton Sinkin’ in the Rain
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