April’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

First of all, we’re very pleased and relieved to be able to announce that our email server problems have finally been resolved. Our contact form is working again, team email addresses have been restored, and the issue affecting AOL, Comcast, and BT users has also been eliminated. Thank you all so much for your patience over the last couple of months while we’ve been wrestling with this problem.

Our latest serialized novel over at Every Day Novels, What Came Before by Gay Degani, is now into its fifth week — but it’s not too late to catch up! Of course, if you prefer to read in print, the hardcover edition will be released on Monday, April 7th. E-book and trade paperback editions will follow.

For Readers

For April Fools’ Day, in all seriousness, we present to you Sean Jones‘ story “Mileage” (because a Table of Contents meant to be referred to all month long really isn’t the place to prank anyone, otherwise we’d absolutely do something silly here). If you enjoy April Fools’ stories, you can also see our list of past years’ offerings.

On April 8th, we’re featuring the first place winner of Flash Fiction Chronicles’ String-of-10 SIX competition: “Snowman Suicide” by Caroline Hall. Visit FFC to see the complete competition results.

Regrettably, we don’t have any Passover or Easter stories to share with you this year, but you might enjoy checking out what we have from previous years in our archives; mostly Easter stories, but there’s a Passover tag as well.

For Writers

We’re now looking for Mother’s Day stories, prom stories, and anything to do with spring or May. There’s also Victoria Day, if you feel so moved. The deadline for May-specific stories is April 26th, thanks. We’re also starting to look at stories for June, so it’s not too soon to be thinking about Father’s Day, as well as stories about exams and graduation.

And now, here are the stories we’ll be publishing in the month ahead…

April’s Table of Contents

Apr 1 Sean Jones Mileage
Apr 2 Eve Francis The Orchard
Apr 3 Wayne Scheer Hey Dad
Apr 4 Gustavo Bondoni Hobson’s Angel
Apr 5 Ralph Sevush Survivors in the Dark
Apr 6 M. Bennardo Reflected Sunlight
Apr 7 Charles Payseur No Words
Apr 8 Caroline Hall Snowman Suicide
Apr 9 Rachel Gurevich Chatter
Apr 10 Patrick Tiffany The White Door
Apr 11 Katrina S. Forest Eight Months Left
Apr 12 Pat R. Steiner Little Snot
Apr 13 Patricia J. Dorantes Ham Pale Illusion
Apr 14 C. Hall Player One Game Over
Apr 15 Sarah Crysl Akhtar New Song
Apr 16 Oscar Windsor-Smith The Janitor of Lido
Apr 17 Thomas McGauley Black Hat
Apr 18 Robert J. McCarter Death by Starlight
Apr 19 Don Raymond Leaving Las Vegas
Apr 20 Will Mayer While Holding a Vintage, Lacquer Painted, Wooden Knight on a Saturday Afternoon in the Country
Apr 21 Von Rupert These Words Through Time
Apr 22 Brian J. Hunt Rainbow Sparkly Happy Fairy Valley
Apr 23 Lori Schafer Yellow Wagon
Apr 24 Rebecca Roland The Unicorn Migration
Apr 25 Oonah V Joslin A Random Kind of Music
Apr 26 Daniel Zundl Digital Commute
Apr 27 Chad Greene Fair
Apr 28 Joyce Chong eReaper
Apr 29 Carl Steiger The Linden Tree
Apr 30 Milo James Fowler Captain Quasar and the Momentous First Date

Note: the Table of Contents has been updated to reflect that the stories scheduled for April 21 and 22 have swapped publication dates, and the story originally scheduled for April 23 was removed.

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