April’s Table of Contents

From the Editors

We’re into spring now in the Northern Hemisphere, and we trust that means the weather is looking up for at least some of you.

First of all, we have a bit of news: Every Day Publishing Ltd. is pleased to announced that Bryan Thomas Schmidt has come on board as our new Business Manager, so those of you interested in advertising with us will now be working with him.

We’re also looking to further expand our team — we need someone to help with web development for Every Day Fiction and the rest of Every Day Publishing’s projects. It’s a volunteer position for the moment, working on our free-to-read magazines, but there may possibly be opportunities for compensated work on our income-generating projects down the road. In the meantime, though, it’s excellent experience and training, and the right person can grow with us as far as s/he wants. Here are the details:

  • You would be working with Steven Smethurst on the admin back-end and WordPress themes/plug-ins.
  • We are looking for someone with experiences with PHP, basic WordPress, basic MySQL. The Admin back-end is written in CakePHP, PHP, and MySQL. WordPress has several different in house custom plug-ins and themes. It would be great if you knew some CakePHP and CPanel but its not necessary.
  • Steven Smethurst has been working with PHP for ~11 years and WordPress for ~7. He is willing to teach one or more people good programming methods and give people experience in exchange for doing some programming grunt work.
  • Communication over Skype or Gtalk required.

Please contact us if this interests you.

For Readers

We’ve got lots of special stories waiting for you this month! Starting with April 1st, we have “Alf Polori” by Oscar Windsor-Smith for All Fools Day. Then, for the Easter weekend we have “The Easter Bunny” by Patrick Perkins on April 8th, and to recognize Passover we have “Mishpoche in Space” by Sarah Crysl Akhtar on April 10th. Finally, for Tax Day (which falls this year on April 17th because of the Sunday and holiday), we’re featuring “Death and Taxes” by Kat Otis.

On April 20th, we’ll be publishing the winning story from Flash Fiction Chronicles’ String-of-10 FOUR, “When Elliot Let Go” by Troy Farah. Congratulations, Troy, and we look forward to publishing your story.

For Writers

Thank you to everyone who sent us holiday and special occasion stories for April. We could, however, always use more! We’d still like to see more May Day and Mother’s Day and Victoria Day stories for May, and any other May occasions that we might have neglected to mention (the deadline is April 26th).

April’s Table of Contents

Apr 1 Oscar Windsor-Smith Alf Polori
Apr 2 Ryan Gregory Thomas Two Steady Hands
Apr 3 L. Carroll The Revenant
Apr 4 Valerie Kravette Angelica
Apr 5 Gavin Broom Where People Go When They Don’t Go Home
Apr 6 Sarada Gray Divork
Apr 7 Kyle Bilinski Going on Sixteen
Apr 8 Patrick Perkins The Easter Bunny
Apr 9 Brian J. Hunt Night of the Living Elderly
Apr 10 Sarah Crysl Akhtar Mishpoche in Space
Apr 11 Jessica George Snow White Comes Tumbling
Apr 12 Shane D. Rhinewald Goodbye Girl
Apr 13 Oliver Antony Jolly We Might Have Played Chess
Apr 14 Christopher Owen The Luncheon of the Boating Party
Apr 15 Tammy Setzer Denton Macchiato Memoirs
Apr 16 Samantha Memi Attila the Bun and the Lost…
Apr 17 Kat Otis Death and Taxes
Apr 18 Alex Shvartsman The Traveling Fair
Apr 19 Ao-Hui Lin Navel Gazing
Apr 20 Troy Farah When Elliot Let Go
Apr 21 Len Joy Kid Parker Gets a Title Fight at the Garden
Apr 22 Kevin Luttery Angels and Demons
Apr 23 Karen Pullen Lady Tremaine’s Rebuttal
Apr 24 K.C. Ball The Night Bus Doesn’t Stop Downtown
Apr 25 Peter Goodrich A Pleasant Surprise
Apr 26 Sandra M. Odell The Stars Are Juliet’s Eyes
Apr 27 Sarah Evans Life on hold
Apr 28 Robin Haver Savitt The Sapling
Apr 29 G. K. Adams The View from Gibraltar
Apr 30 Connal Vickers Show me your love
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