April’s Table of Contents

From the Editors

Spring has sprung, and hopefully the weather where you are is either about to improve or already starting to get nicer. Here in Vancouver, we are deep in preparations for our book launch and annual EDF author party event coming up on May 21st, and as always we’re working hard to bring you fine flash fiction every day without fail.

For Readers

Unfortunately, we don’t have any April Fool stories for you this year, but you can always go back and look at “April Fool” by Matthew Strada, which we published back in 2008 — our first April Fool’s Day. No Passover stories either — we can’t publish them if writers don’t send them.

We do have a nice set of Easter pieces for your holiday weekend from April 22nd to 24th; “Transformation” by Walt Giersbach, then “Jessica and the Rabbit” by Sandra Crook, and finally “Easter Egg Hunt” by Patrick Perkins on Easter Sunday.

As an additional treat for you this month, we will also be publishing the winner of the Flash Fiction Chronicles String-of-10 Contest, “Pretending” by A.S. Andrews, on April 29th.

For Writers

Flash Fiction Chronicles is pleased to announce that Michelle Reale, guest judge of the String-of-10 Contest, has now joined Gay Degani at FFC as co-editor.

April’s Table of Contents

Apr 1 Elle Marie Gray Broken Rules
Apr 2 John Lander Up The Stairs
Apr 3 Sally York Baby Doll
Apr 4 Charlie Bowers Spermicidal
Apr 5 Kevin Shamel Tethered
Apr 6 George Maxwell Tea and Sympathy
Apr 7 James Van Pelt The Hurt Club
Apr 8 Ralph Uttaro House Rules
Apr 9 Lindsay Morgan Lockhart Settling Accounts
Apr 10 Kevin Luttery Remembering Sweetness
Apr 11 Ronnie Pruitt Three Ways Not To Get Shot
Apr 12 Charles W. Kiley III Night
Apr 13 Alex Shvartsman On The Last Afternoon
Apr 14 Christina Arregoces The Dance
Apr 15 Jennifer R. Fierro Autumn in the Shenandoah
Apr 16 Yvette Managan Vestige
Apr 17 Jeanne Holtzman At Sea
Apr 18 Eric J. Guignard Hubert in Love
Apr 19 Oonah V Joslin Forever Scarlet
Apr 20 Adam Lucas Dr. Xiang and the Mouth in His Stomach
Apr 21 S. Hutson Blount Cleanroom Vices
Apr 22 Walt Giersbach Transformation
Apr 23 Sandra Crook Jessica and the Rabbit
Apr 24 Patrick Perkins Easter Egg Hunt
Apr 25 Shauna Roberts Rehearsal
Apr 26 M. Howalt Treasure
Apr 27 Matt Cowens Minor Rampage
Apr 28 C.L. Holland Answers
Apr 29 A.S. Andrews Pretending
Apr 30 Daniel Ausema Horns or Wings
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