April’s Table of Contents

From the Editors

Our Flash Fiction Chronicles blog welcomes assistant editor Tanya L. Schofield. At this time last year, FFC was just getting launched, and it’s already grown fast enough to warrant a second editor. We’re very proud of all the hard work Gay Degani has done to bring the blog from its baby steps to this point, and it’s great that she’ll have Tanya to share the load going forward. In fact, with Tanya’s kind assistance, we’re going to be handing the Author Interviews over to FFC, so that’s one more reason to read the Flash Fiction Chronicles (if you needed another reason, that is).

In other news, congratulations are due to EDF editor Elissa Vann Struth, whose story “Down to the Roots” took second place in the Short Story (English) category of the CBC Literary Awards (Canada’s largest literary competition for unpublished works).

For Readers:

We have the usual assortment of fine stories for you this month. Returning authors include S.J. Higbee and Aaron Polson, and newcomers include Stacy Py Flynn and Fadzlishah Johanabas.

On Friday April 16th, we’re proud to present the first-place winner of the Flash Fiction Chronicles’ String-of-10 TWO Contest: “Salvation” by Ann M. Pino. Visit FFC to learn more about the entries, the judge, and the other winners and finalists.

Sadly, we have no April Fool’s Day, Easter or Passover stories for you. We can’t publish holiday stories if nobody sends them to us.

If your life feels short of poetry, check out March’s most-read poems at Every Day Poets: “An Ill Kept Tenament” by L R Humphries, “The Passenger” by Douglas Pugh, and “Yellow” by Linda Simoni-Wastila.

Here at EDF, our most-read stories for March were “Terry and the Eye” by Gaius Coffey, “Build, Build, Build” by James Bloomer, and “Changeover Day” by Dan Purdue.

For Writers:

Response times are now back down under 60 days. We’ll do our best to keep them there and get them even further down.

We’re expecting some slush reader changes over the next couple of weeks, so watch our Facebook page or the forums for breaking-news updates on who’s reading your work.

In case you missed them, the most-read articles at FFC in March were “Six Things Your Flash Desires” by Randall Brown, “Tough Luck Finding A Publisher? Try Being One” by Rumjhum Biswas, and “Movies That Teach Structure” by Gay Degani.

April’s Table of Contents

Apr 1 James Bloomfield Telephone Call
Apr 2 Tommy B. Smith Mr. Philpot
Apr 3 Manuel Royal Birthday Troll
Apr 4 Christopher Floyd Insight
Apr 5 Mickey Mills The Newly Dead of Winter
Apr 6 John Wiswell Computer Education
Apr 7 Joshua S Walker Open-Minded Gentleman
Apr 8 Kaolin Imago Fire Fading
Apr 9 Jon Bland Damaged Goods
Apr 10 William Knight Electric Smiles
Apr 11 Patrick Perkins Speed Trap
Apr 12 Jenny Schwartz After Midnight
Apr 13 J.C. Towler Dour Cutler
Apr 14 Jan Melara Covered Dish Supper
Apr 15 S.J. Higbee A Drop of the Hard Stuff
Apr 16 Ann M. Pino Salvation
Apr 17 R.F. Marazas What’s In A Name?
Apr 18 James Hartley Priorities
Apr 19 Rhiannon Morgan Sucka for Punishment
Apr 20 Peter Charles Slurpy
Apr 21 Chad Redden Building a Sparrow
Apr 22 Maureen Wilkinson The Cool Bag
Apr 23 Stacey Py Flynn Tryst
Apr 24 Giles Turnbull Winner of the Regional Best Chip Shop Award, 2006
Apr 25 Oonah V Joslin Cider Sunrise
Apr 26 Ruth Imeson Turning the Tables
Apr 27 Ladonna A. Watkins Chocolate Milk
Apr 28 Lorette C. Luzajic Shrinking
Apr 29 Fadzlishah Johanabas Secrets
Apr 30 Aaron Polson Blue Collar Boys
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