Sun shine on face.
Mmph. Bad smell.
Woman sleep mouth open.
Greb get up.

Mmph. Make belly water.
Good for rocks.
Belly hungry.
Pah! No food.

Need hunt food. Take spear.
Spear sharp. Spear strong.
Go valley. Long walk.

Mmph. Sun hot. Feet hurt.
Valley green.
Many four leggers.
Greb no eat grass. Make sick.

Four leggers smart. See Greb, run away.
Greb smart too. Walk on four legs.
Very low. Very slow.
Greb careful.
Pah! Four leggers run away.

Ach! Nebos come.
Nebos no smart.
Make much noise.
Four leggers run.
All belly hungry.

Greb no like Nebos.
Nebos home in trees.
Nebos no spear. Big stick.
All belly hungry.

Nebos no walk straight.
Much hair. Not like Greb.
Greb pretty. Greb strong.
Ach! Nebos see Greb.
Nebos run.

Greb follow. Long walk.
Sun hot. See fast water.
Lay down. Drink water.
Walk more. Go mountain.

Hear Nebos noise.
See big biter.
Biter bite Nebos.
Nebos run away.
Biter follow.

Greb find Nebos home.
Home empty.
Hear woman noise.
Not Nebos woman.

Woman young. Much soft.
Mmph. Greb like.
Make warm nights. Many babies.
Take woman home.

Belly hungry. Catch four legger.
Make fire. Good eat.
Belly like.
Woman eat bones.

Go home.
Trail steep. Rocks fall.
Greb run. Fall on woman.
Mmph. Greb like.

Trail go away.
Make new trail.
Steep. Narrow.
Find drink place.
Kneel down.

Big noise.
Biter come.
Long tooth.
Long fingers.
All sharp.

Greb know Katz.
Katz bad.
Big mouth. Big noise.
Katz belly hungry.

Greb no like. Greb run.
Katz follow.
Woman make noise.

Katz see woman.
Katz go bite woman.
Spear bite Katz.
Katz fall.

Much Blood. Katz die.
Greb like. Woman like.
Take meat. Wrap in skin.
Go home.

Sun run away.
Dark. Cold.
Long walk.
Woman follow.

Find home.
Fire inside. Warm.
Show meat. Old woman like.
See new woman. No like.
New woman see old woman. No like.

Greb belly hungry. Women cook.
Food hot. Burn fingers.
Belly like.
Yawn. Long day.
Greb sleep.

Lyn Brown’s objective as a writer is to entertain; to liven up a scene or a character to the extent that a reader can visualize on his own terms. And if someone’s imagination has been stimulated, even for a moment, that goal has successfully been achieved.

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