A DOG’S LIFE • by Hasmita Chander

All his life he had lived on the streets, picking up his meals of scraps from the garbage dump or alms begged from passers-by.

He had known no other life and he was content until the kind old lady down the street adopted him and gave him three meals a day and a chair to sleep on.

Now she’s gone he knows not where and he howls and howls in bewilderment and loneliness, an old dog friendless in the world–adopted and abandoned in three months’ time.

Hasmita Chander wishes she could live in a fictional world, and she does, through her stories. She inhabits the real world in Mumbai, writing articles, essays, and fiction. Editors in seven countries have used her work in their magazines, newsletters and newspapers. Her story “Bloody Carrots in the Curry” is due to be published by Unisun publications in their 2008 fiction anthology. Her home online is at www.hasmitachander.com.

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