FOR TWO • by Paige Zubel

I wanted to ask her why she didn’t love me anymore, but I just asked instead why we were out of soup.

I ate it, she said. I was hungry.

I knew this was fair. But I was hungry, too. And now there was no more soup.

There are carrots, she offered, and some celery.

I ate them all. The pears, too. And all of the protein bars. My stomach kept growling for more, insatiable and greedy. I tried to suppress it with the palms of my hands and quiet its wanting.

She didn’t look up at me. I knew she could feel the rumble resonate in her feet, tremble her foundation, but she seemed undisturbed.

There wasn’t anything left to eat.

I went to bed thinking to myself next time I’d make soup for two.

Paige Zubel, 18, is a senior at Houston’s High School for the Performing and Visual Arts studying theatre.

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  • Trollopian

    This is the very definition of flash fiction. Sparse and punchy. A remarkable talent in an author so young.

  • Great story and a deep understanding of the connection between our bodies and our hearts.

  • Tina Wayland

    A true read-beween-the-lines story. This is utterly beautiful.

  • M.Sherlock

    Awesome stuff, and always good to see young writers on EDF.

  • I’m still scratching my head – for two.

  • Dustin Adams

    Love lost, but hope eternal.

  • Nick

    This is a very classy story – and I have to say I’m surprised at its rating after 30 votes. It reminds me of some of Amy Hempel’s stories, and is reminiscent too of The Revenge Of The Lawn – one of the seminal guides for the flash ‘genre’. I would be unsurprised to see this author’s work in many more places in future: kudos to EDF for spotting her.