Podcast EDF092: The Man Named Ray • by Angela Carlton • read by M.Sherlock

Listen to “The Man Named Ray” by Angela Carlton, read by M.Sherlock:

Angela Carlton’s fiction has been published in Every Day Fiction, Camroc Press Review, Fiction at Work, Burst Magazine, Pedestal Magazine, Long Story Short, Pindeldyboz, Storyglossia, The Dead Mule, Coastlines. In addition, she won the Reader’s Choice award with Pedestal Magazine in 2006. Currently, “The Beach Cottage” can be found in The Best of Every Day Fiction 2008.

M.Sherlock is a Fitness Professional and currently full-time M.E. patient with plenty of time for talking to his cat, and writing stories.

“The Man Named Ray” by Angela Carlton was originally published on May 16, 2009.


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  • Karen

    WOW great, all the great writings I always new you had in you. Congrats honey love ya

  • Cheryl

    Wow Awesome. Another great story. Congratulations to you. Love ya, Cheryl

  • Jenn

    Wonderful story, Angela! I felt like I knew Ray and everything about him and what he once meant to the Mother in the story. Very engaging.

  • I thought it was amazing. Such great expression of feelings. Great job Angela