Podcast EDF014: Mission Accomplished • written by Kevin Shamel • read by Adam Kerby

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Podcast EDF014: “Mission Accomplished” by Kevin Shamel, read by Adam Kerby

Mission Accomplished” was originally published by EDF on January 9, 2009, and is included in The Best of Every Day Fiction Two.

Kevin Shamel writes weird stories and he does it on purpose. You can find his first book, Rotten Little Animals, at Amazon. People seem to like it. There’s a bit of his flash at Every Day Fiction. Other magazines have printed his stories. More and more of his weirdness is showing up. And please accept his third-person thanks for reading!

Adam Kerby is a voice actor in Vancouver, Canada.

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Every Day Fiction

  • Thank you, Adam! Great reading. It was cool to hear my story read.

  • What a great piece of flash fiction; <1000 words flowing together in smooth irony and in-your-face-like-Lori's-boobs humor.

    I lol'ed, and I never do that on Tuesday – it's against my religion.

  • And the voice actor, Adam, is awesome. 🙂

  • This cracked me up the first time I read it. Hearing the voice actor recite the story gives it that much more umph!


  • Thank you, both of you!