Podcast EDF002: FOR CABBAGES AND ALE • by Robert J. Santa • read by Adam Kerby

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Podcast EDF002 — “For Cabbages and Ale” by Robert J. Santa, read by Adam Kerby

For Cabbages and Ale” was originally published by EDF on October 23, 2007.

Robert J. Santa has been writing speculative fiction for more than twenty years. His work has appeared in Paradox, On Spec and Artemis. When not writing, Robert heads Ricasso Press. He lives in Rhode Island with his beautiful wife and two equally beautiful daughters.

Adam Kerby is a voice actor in Vancouver, Canada.

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  • S Conroy

    I liked the reading voice here, but had to giggle at the accents, expecially when the (male) reader does the female Russian voice. I also wondered why Cossacks speak English with Russian accents. Since most readers here would not understand Russian, wouldn’t it be more natural to have them just speak non-accented English. I’m beginning to think I’m the wrong audience for podcasts.