BECAUSE WE CAN • by Jasmine Pahl

[Removed at author’s request.]

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  • rumjhum

    Yum! :-)

  • Oonah V Joslin

    Can I have the recipe for the red onion jam please?

  • GMoney

    Some nice bits of writing but little character development and not much story. Didn’t do it for me, sorry.

  • Walt Giersbach

    Love to try your peaches, Jasmine. Reminded me of how to make key lime pie with Vivaldi on the stereo and a bottle of Beaujolais in your hand. But the story…just…didn’t…develop.

  • gay degani

    I was blown away by this piece. Shocked when I got to the rating and comments to find that so far I am the only one blown away. (Not that “Yum” isn’t a wonderful comment. I pray for a “Yum” from rumjhum! And I do want that red onion jam recipe. I just hope it exists!!!) But I expected “Brilliant,” “Insightful,” “Great voice.”

    This is a reminder to me and to all writers that reading is a personal experience. I respect the opinions of others even when I don’t agree and keep that in mind every time someone reads my stuff and rolls his or her eyes.

    But this piece was more than enough for me. I know those characters: reckless, edgy women yet who feel the need to impress with homemade jam. So FEMALE.

    • Jasmine Pahl

      Thanks so much for your kind words, gay. I’ve posted the recipe at EDF.

  • Avis Hickman-Gibb

    I though this was charming. A peachy slice (groan sorry!!:$) of a life. Very detailed, and felt real. I’m with Oonah – can I have the recipe for the jam please?

  • Avis Hickman-Gibb

    Just read Gay’s comment, and it was interesting that she picked this up. I can see how the implication was there, but the charm of the piece really came over for me.

  • GMoney

    To elaborate – I appreciate the writing and think the laid-back style was refreshing, it’s just a personal opinion that I prefer to read something with more of a plot and/or further about the characters.

    What I do like about EDF is that every day is different and different stories appeal more to different people!

  • Rena Sherwood

    Worth reading just for the mental image of someone snorting cocaine off of a Martha Stewart cutting board.

    • gay degani

      LOL. And amen.

  • http://northgirl karla welch

    I think this is a lovely piece. I can taste the food, smell the peaches and feel the humid okanagan air. Well done Jasmine.

    And I love that your name was mentioned with John Steinbeck’s. Kudos!

  • Lindsay

    I think the title of this piece gives it some of the character development that some commenters felt was missing from this piece. The only bit that confused me–working at an Indian restaurant together? I wasn’t sure if these women were Indian or not, although maybe that says more about my lack of cultural knowledge than the story 😉

  • Freddy Bob

    Shouldn’t the title be ‘Because we bottle’?
    (runs for cover)

  • Jordan Lapp

    We selected this piece because the writing is beautiful and it was very different from the stuff we were seeing in the slush.

    I thought it would go over better especially among women, but the rating is currently sitting at 2.9! What’s up?

    • gay degani

      To my point exactly, Jordan!

  • Ramon Rozas III

    I rather enjoyed it, Ms. Pahl. I have two old friends from college and we meet up together regularly. Some of our “eye rolling” is exactly like the relationships you sketched out here. Good writing, in my view!

  • Jasmine Pahl

    Thank you all for reading my story and for your comments, both positive and negative as all of your feedback helps me to move forward with my writing.

    The red onion jam recipe is from The Bible at least as far as canners are concerend:’Bernardin’s Guide to Home Preserving’.
    The jam is very cheap to make and if you make in the summertime it will have a beautiful bright pink hue. It’s great with goat cheese as i mentioned in the story and also deadly in a cold roast meat sandwich.
    Here is the recipe, though if you haven’t canned before I HIGHLY reccomend getting the book at Canadian Tire or wherever. Makes three 250ml mason jars full.

    1 cup diced red onion
    2 tsp lemon zest
    3/4 cup white vinegar
    3 cups grnaulated sugar
    Mixed fresh herbs like thyme, rosemary or sage(optional)
    kosher salt and pepper (optional)
    1 pouch liquid pectin.

    Cut red onion into1/8 inch slices and cut slices into 1/4 inch dice. Measure 1 cup into large deep stainless steel saucepan. Grate out lemon zest. Don’t go as faras the pith or it wll be bitter.
    Measure out all ingredients into saucepan except liquid pectin, herbs and S and P. bring to a full rolling boil.Boil hard 1 minute. remove from heat immediately stir in one puch liquid pectin, mixing well. Give a good grind of pepper and sprinkle in two pinches of kosher or pickling salt. Throw in a few leaves of thyme and rosemary if you like, they look really pretty.
    Pour into hot sterilized jar, dividing solids equally among jars and filling jars to within a quarter inch of top. Lay one fresh sage leaf on top.
    Place lids and screwcaps on jars, fingertip tight. Process in boiling water for ten miuntes(if you gon’t know what this is, GET THE BOOK)
    Cool upright until lids pop. While jelly is still hot very gently twist each jar around so the solids are distributed evenly. Then allow to cool.

    PS if you don’t have pickling or kosher salt, leave it out. The minerals in regular salt can cause your jam not to set.

    Rock out with your cock out,


  • gay degani

    Thanks Jasmine

    Rock with your cock out.

  • J. Caldwell

    I enjoyed every word of this wonderful slice of life. I’m always blown away when a writer can take one of the more mundane activities of life and tell me a story with it. I was there like a fly on the wall waiting for an open jar of peaches :)
    Thanks for the story and the recipe, Jasmine.
    Keep writing, please.


  • jenniferwalmsley

    I enjoyed the flash; a girly weekend with a difference. I could smell and taste it.

  • s. papaya

    hi girlie. i liked your story. any peaches left over to send me?

  • Jasmine

    Oh you know I do!

  • Paula

    I love you, Jasmine…. an honour to read your first published work. Reading this story, I felt that I was right there with you gals. My favourite part was flopping down, still sticky and listening to those tops popping with you. Keep on following your bliss!

  • John Wesley

    Unfortunately, all the red onion jam recipes in the universe can’t fill soap dispensers. Unless you want to wash your hands with jam. What a palaver!

    Yasmeen, here’s some advice from one bard to another: cocks are as generic as soap dispensers, and, as Oscar Wilde might have said, those who call a cock a cock are fit to use one. Don’t confuse the profane with the fresh.

    Instead, fill soap, and find truth.