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Every year Preditors & Editors holds a poll to determine the state of the online short fiction market. The poll runs from January 1st to January 15th.Every Day Fiction has been nominated in two categories, for best online ‘zine and best editors.Obviously, we feel that EDF is the  #1 fiction magazine on the web, but we need your help to confirm it! Please vote for us at the links below. Your e-mail address is required for verification, but I voted last year and haven’t gotten any spam yet so your privacy is assured.

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If you feel like you’ve read an especially memorable story at EDF, please nominate it! Short stories are divided into genres, so please check  the story’s genre  (the link at the bottom of the page on which the story resides), and then check that category to make sure it hasn’t ALREADY been nominated (if it has–VOTE for it!).   One catch: it has to be a story  published in  2007 to qualify… January’s stories will be eligible for next year’s vote!

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The poll closes at 11:59pm (EST)  on January 14th, so don’t waste any time. Please vote now.


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Every Day Fiction

  • My story “Tell’s Choici” was nominated early on, but it’s not under fantasy — it’s under “all other short stories.” I’m not sure why it got categorized there, but I’ll take it. Anyway, it’s probably a good idea to peruse all the short story category lists if you want to see if a particular piece is already nominated.

    • Good point, Steve!

      Maybe whoever nominated “Tell’s Choice” didn’t realize how wide a genre fantasy is; many people still think that fantasy always involves elves and wizards and dragons and such.

      So yes, it is a good idea to check each of the lists where a story might reasonably have been nominated before making a new nomination.

    • Found your story and voted for it, Steve!

  • Thank you to whoever was kind enough to nominate Lolita’s Lynch Mob! I’m really pleased to be on the list. 🙂