THE TRANSFORMATION • by Anthony J. Rapino

I fall to my living room floor as muscle rips and expands, splitting skin. It feels like my limbs are being pulled apart, tied to two cars going opposite directions. I try to scream but it sounds like howling.

The door opens and my wife walks in. She glances at me, still crouched on the floor. “What are you doing?”


She pours a glass of milk. “It’s probably just gas.”

My eyes water from pain. “Hun, you should really leave. I might try and eat you.”

She snorts and says, “Try all you want; you won’t get it right.”

Anthony J. Rapino’s most recently published story, Retired, will appear in the October issue of MagusZine.  His short story,  The Plumber,  can be found in issue 1.11 of Devil’s Work.  He is a recent graduate of East Stroudsburg University, where he received his master’s degree in secondary education and teaching certification in English.

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  • Oonah V Joslin

    Of course not. 🙂

  • Kathleen

    Looks like you’ve been married a while. Very funny. Short, concise and a good read.


  • I laughed out loud when I read the ending of this piece. Very clever.

  • don

    I don’t get it.

    I got the transformation, but not the punchline.

    Can someone explain?

    • Would it help if I suggested that it was a sex joke?

      And see Kathy’s comment below… 😉

  • Ha! This was great. Thanks for getting my morning off to a great start.

  • Kathy

    Well, Don, men never get it right. 🙂

    Thought it was a neat story, enjoyed reading it!

    • lol! It’s funny that it’s mostly women commenting 8|

  • LOL!! Poor guy…doesn’t understand you should just dive right in!

    • “Dive right in”.

      Oh you people are terrible >:)

  • Alexander Burns

    Heh, I thought it was quite funny as well. Nice work.

  • Very funny… what you poor men have to put up with. I hope he ate her.

  • Sorry for the late reply, but i was at work all day.

    Thank you all so much for the great comments. For this reason (the comment option) I have really been enjoying the Every Day Fiction site and stories.

    Yes, it is a sex joke, but no, I’m not married. 🙂 I’m just glad the humor came across.

    Thanks again!

  • PovertyMan

    Nicely done, Dr. Rapino. I’ll be waiting for the sequel!

  • Pete! I’m going to right now to listen to your latest songs. Thanks for reading.

  • Clyde

    Good one, Anthony!

    Short, sharp and to the point. Also, leaves one thinking.


  • Tootsie McCallahan

    Very funny ending.

  • I’m not sure if this is funnier if you read it with the assumption that the guy is actually transforming, or if you read it thinking that he just thinks he is. Either way, the interaction between the husband and wife is priceless.

  • LOL That was cute! Good Job!

  • Lyn

    :: smacks forehead ::

  • Loved this!

  • It’s funny whether he’s really transforming or not.

    If he is, it’s funny that she’s so locked into her own little world she doesn’t even notice. If he isn’t, it’s funny because you can maybe understand why this guy might WISH he could transform …

    But either way, it’s funny.

  • Thanks everybody. I’ve been reading the comments as they come in, and I’m so happy everyone is enjoying the story.

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