TELLER OF TALES • by Michael D. Turner

“Hear me, oh muse,” the teller began.

“Oh for crud’s sake, Ishmael, get on with it!” cried a voice from those huddled near the hearth.

“When April showers–”

“Does it have any action in it?”

“I’m bored! Let’s go watch a shadow-play instead.”

The crowd dispersed, leaving only the teller of tales and a single child near the fire. Pleading eyes stared at the teller of tales.

“Long ago in a far away land. . . .” the teller began.

Michael D. Turner writes and lives along the front range of the Rocky Mountains. His work has appeared in Turn the Other Chick (Baen), Ring of Fire (Baen), Bash Down the Door and Slice Open the Bad Guy (Fantasist Enterprises), and in AlienSkin, Continuum SF, Aberrant Dreams, Tales of the Talisman and others.

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Every Day Fiction

  • Very clever and rather cute.

  • Oonah V Joslin

    Thank goodness there’ll always be that small, eager audience for the teller of tales! What a beautiful piece of work, Michael- very amusing and very poignant.

  • We loved this piece because it pokes fun at video games and TV, but also at markets like EDF.

    BTW, Michael is both the storyteller and the small child with the pleading eyes.

  • Ryan

    Tell a complete story in 100 words or less, excellent work.

  • Cute. Surprisingly good for such a short piece.
    Good Job!

  • Mark H

    I love to see so much compressed into such a small space. And light and funny too…

  • DJ Barber

    Short and Sweet. Love it.

  • HvD

    Michael, Michael, he’s our man!
    Rah, rah, sis-boom-bah!

  • It’s unusual for such a short piece to be so complete and also say something beyond just the plot. Very well done.

  • Very nice! Great writing, and it says something too. I really enjoyed this piece.

  • Lyn

    Congrats to Michael on the first “micro-fiction” at EDF – and congrats to the Teller of Tales who won’t quit! 🙂 Lyn from ResAliens

  • Barb

    Mike, this was a great short-short and I enjoyed it immensely. (And if I’d have realized this forum were here, I’d have been the first comment. 0:-))

  • Michael D. Turner

    I’m glad to have recieved such a warm responce to this little story. It is one of my favorites of my “flash” length and the first micro-length piece I’ve ever done.

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  • Nicholas Ozment

    Michael, as a fellow teller of tales,I enjoyed this little piece immensely, enough so to forward it on to some of my writer-friends.

  • Michael D. Turner

    You are too kind. Thank you.

  • Roberta SchulbergGoro

    I am filled with awe at the religious mystery of the teller of tales’ beginning prayer being answered by the muse before he even began the story and at the muses’ answer that only the receptive may hear it.