SWEET REVENGE • by Suanne Warr

Seera stood firm, facing the serpent’s jaws with a calm face. Her black hair swept back in the breeze, her eyes held a light of their own.

“I forgive you,” she said.

The serpent coiled in a mass of shining purple scales. His eyes were slits of hatred. His fangs spread wide to engulf Seera.

“I forgive you.”

The serpent’s mouth settled around her, the fumes of his breath tortured her lungs. He bit down.

I forgive you.

The serpent gagged. His throat swelled to accommodate his large bite, but still Seera stuck.

The serpent thrashed, his body breaking against the surrounding trees with his pounding need for air.

His movements slowed, stilled. The serpent lay stiff, swiftly growing cold.

Suanne Warr lives in North Carolina, nestled between the mountains and the ocean. She loves studying history and keeping up her martial arts. Visit www.suannewarr.com for more information.

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  • Oonah V Joslin

    Evil overcome by persistent forgiveness and such lovely images. I think it’s wonderful.

  • Lyn

    Read into it a total different message than Joslin (above) – based on the title I saw the offer of forgiveness as ironic. Either way, a nice twist to the story. Lyn from ResAliens

  • Forgiveness vs. Revenge–intwined beautifully

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  • Jim Cobb

    One has to admit that there’s certain advantages to cooking your dinner before eating it.

    I wonder if the chicken I ate last night forgave me?

  • Yes, the moral of the story is, broil, bake, or fry, but never eat raw!

    I saw this as a bit ironic, but then, I tend toward the bitter-sweet rather than the sugar-sweet. 😉

  • Tootsie McCallahan

    I loved how the “I forgive you.” line was repeated, repeated, repeated.
    It was just a wonderful piece.

  • Thanks, I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

  • It’s amazing how many different messages or meanings one can read into this story. As for myself, I saw “forgiveness can be deadly”. I also think the serpent image (the coils of shining purple scales) is beautiful.

  • Thanks! I tried to deliver a lot of punch in a small package.

    Of course, I’ve since noticed a word or two I’d change…writers can never stop being editors, apparently. 🙂

  • Erica Christensen

    very powerful little piece. forgiveness can definitely choke a person up a bit.

    i loved this. very artistically spaced, too.

  • Thanks, Erica. I hope you didn’t shed any tears for the purple scaly guy!

    • Erica Christensen

      yeah, well, you know me and reptiles. shame to lose such a beauty. fate is as fate does, i guess. i shed tears for them both.

      at risk of losing the perfectness of the piece, i’d love to know the rest of the story :).

  • Which, the part where she metamorphoses into a purple-scaled girl-like creature and walks back to her village?

    Or the part where she decided that eating the deadly plant, ‘fogiveness’, would take care of the serpent once and for all?

    Lol. I haven’t written more to this story, but you’re giving me ideas… 🙂

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