STELLAR ROULETTE • by Daniel Ausema

Thom threw the stars, and billions of years ticked away, seeming to take forever. The universe spun around with its telltale click click click.

“Check them out.” Sam pointed at the dancers, but Thom’s focus was on the spinning stars.

“Have a drink at least.”

Thom took the glass and downed the fiery liquid.  Some of the stars weren’t turning up so good.  Wars broke out in certain systems.  Disease and injustice spread.

Finally the universe came to a rest, and Thom hung his head.

Sam threw an arm around his shoulder.  “Don’t worry, dude.  There’s always the next universe.”

Daniel Ausema has a background in journalism and experiential education and is now a stay-at-home dad.  His fiction and poetry have appeared in numerous publications, including Nemonymous, Fictitious Force, Raven Electrick, All Possible Worlds, and Reflection”s Edge.  He lives in Colorado.

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  • Lyn

    Ha, sometime it does feel like a crapshoot.

  • Pessimistic, but beautiful.

  • Perhaps one more shot before we go.

  • Tootsie McCallahan

    This was wonderful.

    I loved it.

  • forbes

    I thought this was absolutely terrific!! wonderful stuff. I submitted something along the same lines to EDF and had it bounced as they’d already taken something similar – and here it is. Really really good – the humour, the randomness, the casual…never mind. A little gem.

  • Cosmic gambling. Pretty interesting.

  • HvD

    Short, sweet, and satisfying – thanks Daniel!