Podcast EDF108: Fire in the Heart • by Samantha Memi • read by Folly Blaine

Listen to “Fire in the Heart” by Samantha Memi, read by Folly Blaine:

Samantha Memi lives in London. Her chapbook, Kate Moss and Other Heroines, includes the story “Bouffant” which was first published by Every Day Fiction.

Folly Blaine is a writer living in the Pacific Northwest.

“Fire in the Heart” by Samantha Memi was originally published on February 11, 2011.


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  • Nice! I liked the ongoing tension with the timing: you also pull off the nonchalant tone in conjunction with the supernatural, something which is not easy to do.

  • Folly, will you marry me?

  • Jaz Silas Snow

    What a great story. I loved the way the woman dreamed of being a rescuer. It was great.

  • Nez Johnson

    Your beginnings are so poetic. And your endings always dazzle me.

  • Lovely to read and lovely to hear it read so beautifully.
    The story is totally original and I loved it. Well done Samantha,

  • Love it, Samantha. And it’s read really well too.

  • Thank you for the compliments on the reading (and the marriage proposal, Samantha). It’s a wonderfully written story.

  • Eliza Archer

    It is wonderful to read something so original. This story took me by surprise at every turn, and captured my imagination and my heart. Samantha’s world is better than the one I live in, and I wish we could live in hers.

  • Katherine Lopez

    This was the first story I’d ever read of Samantha’s, I believe the first she ever published. I knew I’d come across a brilliant writer with a promising future.

    I’m afraid I liked reading the story better than I liked hearing it. Nice voice, expressive, but the accent is all wrong.

  • Jo

    You’ve got a lovely voice, Folly. Enjoyed the reading very much.

    This piece is so sad, deeply moving. You’ve an amazing way of connecting readers to your characters, Samantha. So glad to have the opportunity to hear it!

  • Thanks Folly for the lovely reading, and thanks everyone for your encouraging comments 🙂

  • JenM

    Thank you *both,* Samantha and Folly. Folly’s reading is wonderful and this has to be one of my favourite stories I’ve ever read on EDF!