Podcast EDF094: Night of the Living Elderly • by Brian J. Hunt • read by Brian J. Hunt

Listen to “Night of the Living Elderly” by Brian J. Hunt, read by the author:

Brian J. Hunt is the editor of several books on vintage art including “The Outlandish Art of Mahlon Blaine.” His stories have previously appeared here and at 10FlashMagazine.com (now sadly defunct). His published stories can be found at www.gumballfiction.com. He wants to assure his readers that although 100% of his stories published at Every Day Fiction have included zombies, he is not a zombie-centric writer. Really.

“Night of the Living Elderly” by Brian J. Hunt was originally published on April 9, 2012.


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  • Moyra

    Best Zombie story ever !!! I don’t normally like zombie stories ..they have been done to death ..pardon the pun..but this was awesome !!

  • Unca James

    This was quite an entertaining listen! Zombies are largely played out in my opinion, yet Brian J. Hunt manages to put together a zombie tale that doesn’t feel like yet another “slow zombie”, “plague zombie” or “fast zombie” story. Instead, we get something that’s perhaps best described as a “whimsical, loving zombie” story. Who’d have thought that a zombie story’s biggest impression- much less that of a GOOD zombie story- would be WHIMSY!

  • Fun story, I really enjoyed it.