Podcast EDF082: Ugly • by Meera Jhala • read by Folly Blaine

Listen to “Ugly” by Meera Jhala, read by Folly Blaine:

Meera Jhala remembers writing her first poem at age six. At some point, she got detoured from creative writing. She did a PhD, became a science professor, stopped being a science professor, got married — and started writing again. In addition to Every Day Fiction and Every Day Poets, her poetry and prose have appeared or are forthcoming in the Washington Pastime, Flashquake and a variety of other publications.

Folly Blaine is a writer living in the Pacific Northwest.

“Ugly” by Meera Jhala was originally published on June 21, 2012.

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  • Izzy David

    A poignant story. The writer managed to make the bully sympathetic, quite a feat.

  • Marg E

    Everyone has encountered a bully this story made me think and challenged my preconceived ideas about these damaged individuals. I will watch for more from Meera Jhala.

  • Thanks folks. It was wonderful to hear Folly’s reading; I think she added a lot to the story.

  • Wonderful story. Well done Meera and Folly.

  • Thank you, Samantha. 🙂