Podcast EDF042: Tears Of The Android • written by JR Hume • read by Matt Cowens

Listen to “Tears Of The Android” by JR Hume, read by Matt Cowens:

JR Hume is an old Montana farm boy who writes science fiction, a little fantasy, some weird detective tales, an occasional poem, and oddball stories of no particular genre.

Matt Cowens is a writer and high school English and Media Studies teacher living on the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand. He has taught English in Japan, designed and produced card games, written and illustrated comics and is an enthusiastic amateur video maker.

“Tears Of The Android” by JR Hume was originally published on November 17, 2009.

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Camille Gooderham Campbell

  • Possibly the best piece of flash EVER, read to perfection by Matt.

    And no, really, don’t worry about me. I always sit at my desk and sob first thing on a Monday morning. 😉

  • Thanks, Matt. Well done.
    Here’s a tissue, Debi.

  • Lee Sullivan

    Tremendous! More JRH, please.

  • Ron Heusinkveld

    I very much enjoyed reading this the first time, and appreciated it again as read by Matt Cowens. Jim’s work is never ordinary and I am always happy when he has something new out.

  • Wonderful, a lot of my friends love this story.

  • Matt

    Thanks for the comments – as soon as I read the story it leapt to the top of my podcasting list 🙂