Podcast EDF008: Socks and Banshees • written by Jens Rushing • read by Adam Kerby

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Podcast EDF008 — “Socks and Banshees” by Jens Rushing, read by Adam Kerby

Socks and Banshees” was originally published by EDF on November 26, 2007, and is included in The Best of Every Day Fiction 2008.

Jens Rushing is attacking your mind.

Adam Kerby is a voice actor in Vancouver, Canada.

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Every Day Fiction

  • Not too sure what the point of this piece was about.

    And why wasn’t everyone running for the exits after the shooting?

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  • heh, love this story. “links to the X-Man of the same name” cracks me up every time.

  • Margie

    Why did I receive this podcast link and no story-of-the-day????? I don’t like the audio book format and would much rather read the story for myself.

  • Alvin

    I found there’s some language usage that doesn’t quite work for me (the reader did a great job of getting through it though). From banshees to suicide and suddenly back to normal life seemed a bit too much of a illogical stretch for me and I lost what was going on.

  • Echo—Margie #4
    no vote

  • You actually do get the story of the day as well, in the same email. Just scroll down a bit.

  • @vondrakker, @Margie
    It was a mistake, The story was posted below the podcast by accident.

    It shouldn’t happen again.

  • Chris Hargrove

    Pointless. Kind of like Jens.

  • Chris Hargrove

    Pointless. Kind of like Jens.