OH, CANADA! • by Torin Michael Johnson

He ran into the Oval Office in a mad craze.

Much to the President’s surprise, he manically stumbled to the desk and cried, “Mr. President, Canada was just annihilated. It’s gone!”

As he wept while cradled in a ball, the President leaned back in his chair and said to himself, “Huh, so that’s what that button does.”

Torin Michael Johnson is a civil engineer who maintains his passion in creative writing, martial arts and helping people.

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  • Liz

    Perfect! I’m against the ever-shortening attention span of modern short stories in general but it’s good to have one really short one for a change – and a total whammy

  • Michael Stang

    Ooh, the Canucks are going to get you, you know that?

    Naughty, naughty–brilliant!

  • Tina Wayland

    Remove “manically” and it’s a perfect little piece! Dang, though. I was hoping to get to Niagara Falls next week.

  • Roberta SchulbergGoro

    I think use of the word “maniacally” is excellent since Kanada is celebrating a July first and still there. It’s good the President kept his cool. Why did he call the maniac a button? I guess, though, the maniac is on his way out.

  • Although this story is a variation of an old joke, it’s still quite funny.

  • Carl

    Dumb! I like it!

  • Made me laugh!

  • Nick

    Too long.