KITTY • by Amy Silver

The fourth time Vicki’s FOR SALE sign went up in her ugly old Mazda, I’d given up my beer budget and was spending next to nothing on food. Kitty was what she called it. She’d bought fake-fur seat covers, floral floor mats and butterfly decals.

I tried making love to her instead of my usual pep talk. She wriggled out of her nightie and pushed it off the side of the bed, then lay on her back and waited.

Asleep, she looked like I had broken her into several pieces and swept her under the sheet. Just a pile of naked woman with her arms and legs folded on top of each other. I thought about the price of a bus ticket compared to a tank of gas.

It felt like an act of compassion when I took the keys and closed the door behind me. She never would have sold it for what she was asking and I would send money when I could.

Amy Silver lives in Washington State with two lovely cats and a very nice human. Her stories have appeared in 400 Words, Pindeldyboz and elsewhere.

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  • Oooh, the first to comment!

    I liked it. On the outset it seemed simple, straighforward. Yet, upon reflection, had a complexity about relationships within it. Leaving one pondering what these two had gone through, etc, etc. The car “Kitty” the catalyst for this moment.

    Well, that’s how I interpreted it.



  • Oonah V Joslin

    My, Amy, you nailed that – the “love making”. A superb flash!

  • I had my finger on the rejection button on this one because I hated the main character so much. The jerk was stealing her most prized possession and thought he was doing her a favour!!!

    Luckily, I realized that any story that could provoke such a strong reaction in me was darn good!

  • Good story. Liked the description of Kitty. And the bus ticket vs. tank of gas was great.

  • HvD

    Great use of a few words. Thoroughly enjoyed the love, the anguish, the ache, the hurt – the emotional, sensory rush reading this provided. That description of Vicki asleep is stunning.

  • Lindsay

    What a powerful story that says so much in so few words. I am left imagining the lives of these two people and everything that led up to this moment.

  • Jeanne Holtzman

    I loved this compressed story of the end of a relationship.

  • Lyn

    Hmm, had to read it twice to understand the import – I guess this borders on lit and I’m a little slow! lol. Tough break for the lady, but I think both had problems.