The Best of Every Day Fiction 2008 (Anthology)

Flash fiction is generally recognized as being fiction under a thousand words – the perfect length for a coffee break – but despite its appeal as a quick read, it is not simplistic. Quite the opposite; it can and should be one of the most demanding literary forms, with a need for perfectly crafted prose, a complete story arc in a tight space, and an immediately engaging hook.

The Best of Every Day Fiction 2008 brings together one hundred flash fiction pieces selected from Every Day Fiction’s first year of publication. These stories cross boundaries of genre and geography, with tastes of science fiction, humour, romance, fantasy, horror, and surrealism alongside the more traditional literary pieces, from authors writing in Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Finland, India, Israel, Nigeria, the United Kingdom and the United States.

edited by Jordan Lapp, Camille Gooderham Campbell, Steven Smethurst

Pages: 292 • Publisher: Every Day Publishing • Language: English

Hardcover Gift Edition
foil-stamped grey cloth cover w/ full-colour dustjacket, black print on creme pages
ISBN 978-0-9810584-0-5
Date of Publication November 21, 2008
Product Dimensions 9″ x 6″ x 0.8″
Shipping Weight 1.3 lbs
Suggested Retail Price $28.95 USD • $34.95 CAD • £18.95 GBP • €26.95 EUR

Trade Paperback Edition
perfect-bound full-colour cover, black print on creme pages
ISBN 978-0-9810584-1-2
Date of Publication November 28, 2008
Product Dimensions 9″ x 6″ x 0.7″
Shipping Weight 1 lb
Suggested Retail Price $15.95 USD • $18.95 CAD • £10.95 GBP • €12.95 EUR

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  • Received my copies in the mail today. Everything from the cover design to the font choice is beautiful, and the introductory essays left me with an even greater appreciation for all the hard work that has gone into EDF. A spectacular print debut. Well done, and thanks.

  • Mark Harding

    I love books that are beautiful objects so it was a delight when I opened the mail package and found such a gorgeous design. Each of the 100 stories creates its own voice and world — in fact, the anthology has so much content it feels like the book should be five times thicker than it is! EDF is a great project and your work on the anthology has done the project proud.

  • Celeste

    Well done all at EDF for your hard work, belief and encouragement. Both the hardback and paperback are beautifully presented and reflect your professionalism and dedication to what has to be the best short fiction site on the web. Thank you.

  • Shania Whedon

    Good work, EDF. Your stories have particularly been an inspiration to me. And i cannot wait to get myself a copy of the best of Everyday fiction. As Mark Harding (above) says, the book should be five times thicker than it is.
    Also it would be nice, if you gave copies to contributing authors for free, instead of the $1 payment. Maybe you’ll take that into advisement when sales hit the roof!

  • Anil Siqueira

    I am not used to gushing praise about this, that or the other, no matter how good. I am not, however, unused to giving praise where praise is due.
    My chief grouse is that on a supposedly literary site (short fiction, flash fiction, “everyday” fiction), you do not know that “everyday”, in the context in which you use it, both on the site as well as, perhaps, on the cover of the book, is ONE word, an adjective.
    Wht kind of language are you advocating?

  • Nik


    In EDF’s defense, “every day” and “everyday” both represent correct usage, but have different meanings. “Everyday” means “commonplace” while “every day” means “each day.” So, as you see, they use it correctly, and to call it “Everyday Fiction” would be a misnomer in this case.

  • Rec’d my copies. This was very well done. Congrats, EDF–three words, not two.


  • I liked it.