Podcast EDF043: One in Four Shot • written by Mickey Mills • read by Matt Cowens

Listen to “One in Four Shot” by Mickey Mills, read by Matt Cowens:

Mickey Mills: Fiction writer, world traveler, explorer, dog lover, patriot and vagabond. Dichotomy of the third kind. Enjoys… Mozart and Metallica — Rembrandt and R. Crumb. — Paula Dean and Pizza Hut — Harley Davidson and… there is no and! His debut novel,Haunting Injustice, has been described as: “…a bona fide page-turning thriller.”

Matt Cowens is a writer and high school English and Media Studies teacher living on the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand. He has taught English in Japan, designed and produced card games, written and illustrated comics and is an enthusiastic amateur video maker.

“One in Four Shot” by Mickey Mills was originally published on July 22, 2010.

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Camille Gooderham Campbell

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  • Er…why does the pull out player say “One in Four Shot” by JR Hume? I’m not sitting at my keyboard weeping like a tot, ergo this cannot be a JR Hume story. 😉

    Mickey, this was an awesome piece of flash; as a podcast it really comes to life! Matt did a fantastic job, as usual.

  • As much as I admire the literary prowess of JR Hume and am ever-so humbled to be painted in the same light, this story was written by me.


    As always your remarkable talent shows through in this podcast. Thank you for selecting my work as one of your selections. I thought it was an okay piece of writing, but your reading really brought the story to life!

  • Fixed. Sorry about that, Mickey.

  • Nell B.

    Enjoyed this Podcast, Mickey. Matt Cowens did a great job bringing out the characters….Good story.

  • Thanks for the kind words – it was a very fun story to read 🙂

  • Since I was somewhat poking fun at the spy genre with this piece, I poked fun at my own bio at the same time.