December’s Table of Contents

From the Editors

Welcome to the December issue of Every Day Fiction. We’ve put together quite a line up for you, with work from old favourites like Celeste Goschen, Kevin Shamel, and Steve Goble, as well as new authors like Fred Warren and our Christmas Eve piece, “A Christmas Toast”, by Frank Zubek. For Christmas Day, we have “Kanti Chooses Santa” by Sarah Hilary.

For Readers:

Author interviews are back! September’s most-read author was Greta Igl for her story “Free“. Because we weren’t able to complete her interview in October, we are publishing it on the 1st of December. October’s most read story was “Life Without Jerry” by Celeste Goschen, and we are excited to announce that her interview will be airing on the 15th.

For Writers:

As EDF has become well known in the literary community, the quality of the submissions has greatly improved–so much so that we’ve decided to nominate some of our best stories for the Pushcart Prize. This prestigious prize has been awarded every year since 1976 to the best works in the small press. Every year, winners are collected and republished in their anthology.

With over 400 stories published, choosing the nominees was an incredibly difficult task for us. We agonized over our decisions, and in the end chose stories that we felt stood out, but that had also done well with readers (read: scored highly in the star rating system).

The nominees are:

ONE BRIGHT MOMENT • by Joel Willans

LARRY LEGEND • by Jason Stout

WITHOUT NAPIER • by Michael Ehart

SPRING MELT • by Gay Degani

WING MENDING • by Dave Macpherson


Congratulations to the nominees, and we hope they win!

Also, the EDF Author forums are rocking. If you’d like a forum of your own, please contact us.

Finally, the EDF Writing group is picking up more members than ever. If you’d like to be a part of the group, please contact us.

December’s Table of Contents

Dec 1 Jenny Schwartz Ravishing Readers
Dec 2 Kevin Shamel Uninventing the Internet
Dec 3 Steve Goble Waiting to Pounce
Dec 4 Tels Merrick Nov 5th
Dec 5 Robert Goffeney The Wizard’s Walk
Dec 6 M.Sherlock Death is a Weird Shade of Pink
Dec 7 Rachel McClain A Couch in a Clearing
Dec 8 Al Carty A Family Matter
Dec 9 Simon Smithson Waiting
Dec 10 Fred Warren Little Piece of Cloth
Dec 11 Kelly Swimmer Birds
Dec 12 Celeste Goschen Mr Gorzynski Takes the Plunge
Dec 13 Brian Dolton The Gallery of Illusions
Dec 14 A P Chapman Message in a Bottle
Dec 15 Dave Macpherson The Adjunct Professor of Cabbage
Dec 16 Mark Parenti The Doll
Dec 17 K.M. Rockwood Aftermath
Dec 18 Mark Rosenblum Do Your Dreams Have Robots?
Dec 19 Tapes Mr Merton
Dec 20 Bill Snodgrass Late Bloomer
Dec 21 Brian George Must Be Old Death A-Walking
Dec 22 Jason Stout Writer’s Block
Dec 23 Rosie Claverton Cultural Roots
Dec 24 Frank Zubek A Christmas Toast
Dec 25 Sarah Hilary Kanti Chooses Santa
Dec 26 Erin M. Kinch Fortune Cookies
Dec 27 Jon Peck Choose Your Booze
Dec 28 C.L. Holland The Marsh Lights
Dec 29 Liz Wright After the Tone
Dec 30 Dave Bara Something About Harry
Dec 31 Oonah V Joslin Picture of Innocence
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Every Day Fiction

  • Congratulations to the Pushcart nominees, and to EDF for being heavy-weight editors with the clout to nominate for this major prize.

  • sarah hilary on christmas day…what a present!

  • gay

    Thanks Sarah, and yes indeedy, a Sarah Hilary on Christmas! A very nice gift!

  • Thanks, M and Gay!

  • Congratulations to all the nominees! We’ll be rooting for you!

  • A EDF piece Pushcart would be fantastic. Great idea.

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  • Celeste

    Gay, I’m thrilled that you’ve been nominated for the Pushcart, and of course all the others:)
    Congratulations and let’s cross all mobile body parts. It would be great publicity for EDF,too.

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