About the Staff

Camille Gooderham Campbell (Managing Editor)

Website: Copy. Edit. Proof.
Twitter: @everydaycamille

In addition to the many hats she wears for Every Day Fiction and Every Day Publishing, Camille Gooderham Campbell is both a copywriter and a full-time mother, and she also writes her own fiction under a pen name. She has an Honours B.A. specializing in English Literature from the University of Toronto, where she was privileged to study creative writing with Professor J. Edward Chamberlin.

Camille’s taste in fiction is eclectic, with favourite authors ranging from Jane Austen to Jilly Cooper, Robert A. Heinlein to Anne McCaffrey, and Pauline Gedge to Jack Whyte. She reads all genres, with a particular interest in speculative and historical fiction, and also collects classic children’s literature.

She likes to read both really short stories and big thick novels, often at the same time.


Melissa Reynolds (Deputy Managing Editor)

Melissa Reynolds is currently writing her first fantasy novel ‘Blood Between Brothers’ as well as writing character driven short stories when inspiration hits. An avid reader her whole life, she has read everything she could get her grubby little hands on, be it historical fiction, inspirational/christian, fantasy/science fiction, romance, or anything free on kindle (though she is partial to Science Fiction and Fantasy).

She lives in Morgantown, West Virginia with her husband and four children. She enjoys the great outdoors and reading/volunteering in her children’s classrooms every week. Coffee is her fuel and Nutella is her guilty pleasure, along with marathons of Doctor Who and Supernatural. She is thrilled to be part of Every Day Fiction’s staff and looks forward to reading new stories every day.


Carol Clark (Editor)

Carol Clark is an aspiring fiction writer and poet. She likes to start her “literary” day with coffee and the morning newspaper, then adds more coffee to begin work writing and revising her short stories. She would like to start a novel and memoir soon. Her reading interests range from literary to fantasy to historical fiction, and she’s becoming more comfortable with horror writing.

Carol holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Temple University, and is the Vice President of her local Writers’ Club. She also works as an ESL tutor for the county, and has dreams of opening a “Reading & Writing Room” in her area. In her free time she loves to cook, bike, and take long walks. Carol lives outside Philadelphia with her wonderful husband and two feisty cats.


Joseph Kaufman (Editor)

After growing up on a farm in western Iowa, Joe headed to the bustling metropolis of Des Moines to attend Drake University. There, he worked at Hubbell Dining Hall during his four-year stint, honing such skills as garbage removal, cardboard crushing, and churning out exquisitely atrocious “Hubbell Man” adventures. His time at Drake ended with the near-accidental acquisition of degrees in Mathematics and Physics, disciplines Joe immediately abdicated for a halcyon career in information technology. Some years later, Joe moved to St. Louis where his presence caused the Rams to grow progressively worse each year. His move to Wisconsin in 2009 may have afforded them a tiny resurgence.

Joe now lives the high life in the Madison area with his beautiful wife, lovely daughters, a cat, and his collection of over 1,250 beer bottles that takes up over 260 feet of shelving. He is the Applications Development Manager for the world’s largest rodenticide company. Joe affords vermin no quarter, perhaps in response to his childhood days on the farm when a mouse stole some of his precious cheese.

Joe enjoys consuming all kinds of short-form fiction, where his favorite authors include Raymond Carver and Flannery O’Connor. He has done a fair bit of writing and reading in a couple online communities and contests, with a love of con-crit reviewing taking the fore.

In 2015, Joe completed his first paid,  free-lance editing gig which he enjoyed very much (the editing, not the money. OK, the money, too).


L.M. Finch (Senior Editorial Assistant)

Website: Lisa Finch writes.

Lisa Finch is a writer of fiction and non-fiction. Her work has appeared in print and online. She holds an Honours English B.A. from McMaster University. She lives in a quiet little town in Ontario with a very noisy (but lovely) family which includes an incredibly supportive husband, three wonderful children, two cats, a dog and a collection of fish. People-watching is one of her favourite hobbies.


Glenn Mori (Editorial Assistant)

Fiction is Glenn’s most recent area of study.

The first discipline was music, where he completed a masters degree in music composition, followed by accounting, more practice with jazz music, and then writing about online poker, where he remains winning micro stakes player.

His ruminations about fiction can be found at www.intermittentrain.com.


Isabella Mori (Senior Slush Reader)

Isabella Mori’s first attempt at writing was a handmade one-edition school newsletter at age 9. She still writes for a newsletter, 50-odd years later. Also poems, novels, short stories, non-fiction, 1,000+ blog posts, (professional) resumes and artists’ bios, a few attempts at movie scripts, translations from and into German, Spanish and English. Isabella has published a book of poetry and is currently finishing a book with and about haiku. “Before I die I’ll have a novel published, so help me God,” she says. She reads widely; currently she mostly enjoys science fiction, certain types of fantasy, and magical realism. She works in the mental health/addiction field, lives in Vancouver, Canada, and has three children and three grandchildren.


John Paul Hernandez Jr. (Slush Reader)

Website: www.TeamJohn.xyz

John Paul Hernandez Jr. is a writer and avid reader living in South Florida. He writes under the pen name J.P. Hern. John enjoys writing humor, fantasy and science fiction. He loves reading classic literature, contemporary literature, dystopias and apocalyptic works, literature by Hemingway, non-fiction, and tons of business books. He has a B.A. in English from Florida Atlantic University and an M.B.A. from Palm Beach Atlantic University. He is the co-author of The Band: Freshman Year. You can find him at a local Cuban coffee joint sipping on a cafecito.


Emma Munro (Slush Reader)

Emma Munro has written flash fiction and short stories ever since she gave up fact for fiction. A resident of the Blue Mountains of Australia, she was born in the year of the Tiger and collects books beyond her ability to read them all. She’s an avid couch-dreamer, gardener, and bushwalker, and is a sucker for life’s simple pleasures: food, coffee, friends, and reading. She is owned by two cats and one wife.


Mary Casey (Slush Reader)

Mary Casey’s first love is reading, although the medical field helps pay the bills. Her prose and poetry can be found scattered around the web along with book reviews for her professional medical magazine. She has been known to read almost anything including cereal boxes and IKEA instructions. Mary enjoys reading mysteries, old-fashioned ghost stories, classic literature, and sweeping family dramas. She has a Master’s degree in Health Care Administration from Simmons College, in Boston, Massachusetts, and currently lives in the Blue Hills of Virginia with two Tibetan spaniels.


Kylie Krummel (Slush Reader)

Bio coming soon.


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Jordan Ellinger (Founder)

Website: www.jordanellinger.com

Jordan Ellinger is a first place winner in the Writers of the Future Contest and is a Clarion West graduate. His novel Fireborn: Ritual of Fire is due out at the end of the year from Fantasy Flight Games, and he is a frequent contributor to the Warhammer Fantasy universe.

In 2007, he founded Every Day Fiction in partnership with Camille and Steven. EDF would not exist without him.